Lights, Camera, Action

Wildcat Theatre Co. is dedicated to producing high-quality theatrical performances that engage, inspire and transform both students and audiences. Through the art of theatre we provide opportunities for self discovery, understanding of the world around us, develop empathy, courage, cooperation, and other life skills that transcend beyond the stage.

Our Values

Courage: We believe that making theater involves risk and believing in ourselves and trusting others.

Quality: We believe that theatre has the power to illuminate, transform, and heal. We strive for exemplary quality in everything we do and endeavor to create a joyful, professional experience for artists, patrons and volunteers. Communication and collaboration are key; how we work with one other matters.

Acceptance: We believe theater can be a home for anyone seeking one. We accept people for who they say they are. We listen more than we speak. We offer respect and trust to all who walk through our doors.

Our Values cont.

Willingness: We believe making theater is magical, but it is also hard work. Everyone in the company pitches in, learns new skills, and assumes the best of intentions at all times.

Youth Development: We believe young people, and their families, deserve the joy and new perspectives offered by high-quality theater. Young people are the backbone of our company; they are a part of decision-making and magic-making. Building young people’s skills on stage and behind the scenes are at the core of what we do.

Beyond the production

Wildcat Theatre Co. is International Thespian Troupe 6192 and at the Arkansas Thespian Festival each year to Superior ratings. Many of our students have qualified for the International Thespian Festival. Our students receive scholarships for their performance work from EdTA, The Thea Foundation, and schools around the nation. Currently, we have graduates in theatre programs and acting conservatories around the country. We also compete in the Orpheum High School Musical Theatre Awards, a tri-state program to recognize the talents of high school theatre in Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas. Winners of the Orpheum Awards compete in the national High School Musical Theatre Awards in NYC, the “Jimmy’s.”


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