High School

Preparing Students Academically and Spiritually for the World

Brad Francis
High School Principal

Strengthening Faith in the Classroom

As students prepare for their future, developing their faith in Christ as the center of who they are and how they live both on campus and in the community. Students receive a high quality education with opportunities for Pre-AP and AP course work, learn a foreign language, and participate in academically challenging course work, while receiving the support they need to succeed academically.

When your student attends Harding Academy they will receive academically challenging education grounded in a love for God and serving others.


Students participate in a rigorous curriculum that prepares each student for college and careers. We have recently extended our AP offerings in courses of English, Math, and Science. Concurrent enrollment opportunities are also available for Juniors and Seniors.

All students must take the ACT test to be recorded on their transcript their Junior or Senior year. Students who earn a minimum of 25 solid units of credit in grades 9-12, will receive a diploma from Harding Academy.

Spiritual Growth

As students become young adults, developing their own faith in God is critical to their spiritual maturity. We believe developing our Christian faith is as vital to our personal development as our academic knowledge.

Students will develop an understanding who God is through daily chapel and the study through the Bible. Senior year students spend the year in study on becoming a woman and man of God and preparing them for living their faith in college and their careers.


We believe all students should be computer literate and comfortable with technology as a tool, giving them an advantage as they head to college and beyond.

Students in 7th through 12th grades are issued a Chrome Book for use throughout the school year to take notes, make presentations, research, and create projects.


As students develop friendships in the classroom, they also are connected to other students at school and the community around them.

Every grade is involved in a mentoring program, partnering with students in different grade levels to encourage and build relationships.

We want our students to know that being in a community is more than just their needs, it’s about being active and involved in a larger community, learning to love and care for others as God calls us to do.

Sports & Activities

Extracurricular activities are important at the Academy and with a variety of activities to choose from, there are options for almost every interest level. These extra events help students develop their gifts and talents while learning to work together to achieve success. In all things, Christ is our focus as we learn, perform, and compete. Some of our activities include:

  • Athletics & Team Sports
  • Art Club
  • Beta Club
  • FBLA
  • Robotics
  • Student Association