Elementary K-6th Grade

Building Friendships, Love of God, and Love of Others

Matthew Henderson

Challenged and Inspired in the Classroom

We are excited to welcome our students every day. We are committed to loving each student throughout the school year.

At Harding Academy, students will develop their skills and understanding to succeed academically, deepen their understanding to know God better, and strengthen their knowledge of what it means to be a citizen of their school, community, and the world around them.

When students begin their education focused on academic and spiritual growth, they have the foundation they need for a life long love of learning and a love for God and others.


Students are challenged through a rigorous academic curriculum, gaining a deep understanding of material covered through the use of multiple teaching techniques. Using technology, hand-on-learning, and individual focus on the needs of each student, your student will be challenged and will love learning.

Beyond academics, students spend each day in a variety of “specials”, providing enrichment for the whole student. Through art, music, library, technology and physical education, students are exposed to a variety of hands-on learning experiences.

Your student will be challenged intellectually and will grow in their curiosity for learning so that they can flourish.

Spiritual Growth

Student’s spiritual growth is just as important as their academic growth. Your child will develop an understanding of who God is and and a willingness to obey his commands. Students attend Chapel and Bible classes. Our foundation is in Christ, and each student participates in chapel and bible lessons daily, learning what it means to follow God.

Students learn about God and his word through daily exposure to God’s word through a sequenced Bible curriculum and a thematic memory verse program, giving them a strong Biblical foundation for God and his word.


Technology touches every aspect of our daily lives, and every student should learn how to expand their knowledge so they can be successful in the future.

Kindergarten through 6th grade students have a Chrome Book, giving students a one-to-one technology experience as they use programs and applications to extend the teaching objectives in the classroom.


As students develop friendships in the classroom, they also are connected to other students at school and to the community around them.

Every grade is involved in a mentoring program, partnering with students in different grade levels to encourage and build relationships.

We want our students to know that being in a community is about more than just having their needs met; it’s about being active and involved in a larger community, and learning to love and care for others as God calls us to do.

Sports and Activities

Students can explore their gifts in sports, fine arts, and academic challenges.

  • Football- 4th Grade and up
  • Cheerleading- 6th grade
  • Basketball- Boys and Girls 4th grade and up
  • White County Spelling Bee – 5th and 6th grades
  • Lego Club – 4th grade and up
  • E-Cats